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Exhibition Venue

korme logoAgriTek/FarmTek Astana 2016 is being held in the exhibition center "Korme". "Korme" is designed and built in accordance with high international standards. The object is located in the new administrative – business center (Left bank, Dostyk Str.) of Kazakhstan capital, near the Government building, House of Ministries and offices of the largest national companies, not far from traffic arteries which connect town with International air terminal "Astana".

Astana, the Capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan

AstanaIt is located north of central Kazakhstan, in the Akmola region, in the Esil (Ishim) river fluvial plain

Climate - sharply-continental: moderately hot summer and long hard winter

Geographical coordinates – latitude: 51 degrees 10 minutes North and Longitude: 71 degrees 30 minutes East

Local time - Astana is GMT +06.00

Metropolitan Area of Astana, New Borders: 710.2 sq. km

Population: the population of the city of Astana as of April 1, 2008, has reached 610679 inhabitants

Electricity: potential difference in main is 220 V of AC current, 50 Hz

Currency: National currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge (KZT). a tenge is equal to 100 tiyn.

Telephone code: 7172


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